To remain competitive in the hospitality industry in 2023, hotels need to develop inventive and original approaches to stimulate direct bookings. The adoption of automation and RevMarketing Automation are two such methods.

In this article, we will explore five ways that automation can help hotels increase their direct bookings.

  1. Personalized Offers

RevMarketing Automation (RMA) bridges this gap between marketing and revenue by empowering the two to work together through intelligent automation. RMA aids in the alignment of objectives and plans between the hotel revenue management and the marketing team.

RevMarketing Automation can analyze data to identify guest preferences and behavior patterns, allowing hotels to create personalized offers that are tailored to each guest’s individual needs. 

For example, if a guest’s booking intent is to book last minute, the hotel can offer a special rate for last minute dates while optimizing it’s own occupancy needs.

By providing personalized offers, hotels can increase the likelihood of guests booking directly with them rather than going through a third-party booking site and on the other hand RevMarketing Automation allows them to maximize their revenue by filling in gaps in their occupancy calendar. 

What RevMarketing Automation entails, in practice, is recognizing a revenue opportunity based on the hotel’s own data and employing revenue methods along with marketing tactics to persuade users to do a particular action.

All RMA’s powerful strategies are available when Userguest’s technology is integrated into a hotel website, matching a user’s booking intent with the hotel’s inventory priorities.

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  1. Targeted Email Campaigns

Automation can help hotels create targeted email campaigns that are personalized based on the guest’s preferences and behavior. 

For example, a hotel might send a guest an email with details about forthcoming family-friendly events or incentives if they routinely book family-friendly activities.

By creating targeted email campaigns, hotels can increase their open and click-through rates and drive more direct bookings.

  1. Dynamic Pricing

Hotels can use automation to adjust room rates in real-time based on supply and demand.

Revenue managers can modify room prices ensuring that hotels are generating the most money possible by analysing data on occupancy rates and competitor pricing.

By offering competitive pricing, hotels can attract more guests and increase their direct bookings.

  1. Retargeting 

Retargeting ads are a powerful way for hotels to stay top-of-mind with potential guests who have already expressed interest in their property. 

Automation can help hotels create retargeting ads that are personalized based on the guest’s previous behavior on the hotel’s website. 

For example, if a guest has viewed a specific room type, the hotel can show them an ad with a special offer for that room type. By using retargeting ads, hotels can increase their brand awareness and drive more direct bookings.

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Automation can integrate with a hotel’s CRM system to provide a more holistic view of the guest’s experience. 

Hotels may learn important information about customer preferences and behavior by monitoring interactions with guests at several touchpoints. This data can be utilized to develop more specialized offers, enhance the guest experience, and raise the possibility that future visitors will book directly.

In conclusion, as the hospitality industry becomes more competitive, hotels that embrace automation and RevMarketing Automation in particular will be better-positioned to succeed in the years to come.

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