In just 2 years Userguest has established key partnerships with hotels in more than 40 countries worldwide, resulting in an increase in direct revenue of over 30% for our hotel clients. These results are even more impressive when considering our hotel tech tool was launched amidst the pandemic chaos.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed and recently we raised new funds from CDG Invest and other key investors, allowing our hotel website revenue booster to accelerate integrations. Userguest has raised a total of 800,000 USD in the last 2 years. The previous round of funds was raised in 2020.

This new round of funding will mainly go towards product development. We are currently working on a new version that will offer our hotel partners complete automation and take personalization to the next level.

Our algorithm currently analyses multiple sources of data and information. In the new version, this will be ramped up by collecting additional data and using it to improve the booking experience for the user and the hotel’s yield. Users will experience a higher level of tailored messages and incentives based on their booking intentions, whilst on the hotel side, we will match this intention with revenue and occupancy priorities (bridging the gap between supply & demand). All of this will be done in an automated way, meaning hotels won’t need to lift a finger to see results!

Features will include:

– Automated & dynamic notifications (early bird, last minute, promo codes, etc)

– Social proof messages

– Smart pop-ups

– Interactive dashboard with key performance metrics

– Automated data-driven recommendations

– Support & consultation

Our co-founder (and ex-Expedian) Hicham Benyebdri says Userguest is set to become a “must-have” partner for hoteliers looking to improve their direct revenue strategies in a simple, efficient and automated way. He also added “..we are breaking the boundaries between revenue management and marketing. Allowing revenue decisions to impact the direct channel (the hotel website) and optimize the occupancy and the yield on that segment. Through Userguest, revenue managers can see their strategies impact direct channels, driving higher margins for the hotel as a whole and securing a long-term relationship with their guests”.

The new funds will also help us to increase our growth in Europe with a strong focus on the UK market where early A/B testing of the latest version is delivering outstanding results.