We are pleased to announce that revenue strategy expert Cristina Blaj has joined Userguest as Brand Ambassador.

With more than 15 years experience in optimising revenue and distribution for hotels using technology,  Cristina Blaj, the Founder and CEO of Open Revenue Consulting  joins Userguest as Brand  Ambassador to drive growth and brand recognition across the EMEA region. Cristina helps hotels increase their asset value via specialised technology and consulting services that enable digital transformation of asset management, revenue, marketing and customer experience, always with sustainability at the centre.

With the general trend over the past two decades being one of profits shifting from asset owner to distribution channel, and innovative tech companies and online travel agencies having grown bigger than most hotel companies, Cristina Blaj focuses her efforts in helping hotels compete more effectively in the market and scale hotels revenue and marketing automation. By matching consumers’ intent to buy with the hotel’s desired products and priorities on the hotel’s direct channel, Userguest incentivizes booking conversion using the hotel’s own revenue and marketing strategy as the catalyst to deliver automated execution of strategies. Cristina Blaj and Open Revenue Consulting are proud strategic partners of  Userguest in these efforts.

With a double degree in International Relations-Geopolitics and Law, Cristina moved from international diplomacy to earning extensive experience in the travel and hospitality sector, having founded a bespoke travel agency start-up when she was 18, and spearheaded market growth across the EMEA region for leading innovative hotel revenue strategy and distribution technologies for the past 15 years, currently acting as an asset growth consultant for the hotel and travel sector.

Cristina’s extensive experience and strategic mindset will be of great value to Useguest and we could not be happier with her decision to join our team!

Welcome Cristina!