Revenue Management has changed dramatically over the years. With an increasing cost of distribution, the optimisation of distribution strategies is vital and with that also the responsibility of decreasing the distribution costs as well as increasing revenue coming from the hotel website. This means that Revenue Managers and Marketing Managers have a much closer relationship. But how can they share knowledge from what it means to be a Marketing Manager or a Revenue Manager?

In this webinar hosted by Revenue Forum, Annemarie Gubanski talks to industry experts to explore how the role of the a Revenue Manager has evolved over time, and most importantly, what this role will look like five years from now.

A great discussion with insights from Userguest’s founder Hicham Benyebdri who shared his view on this subject, as well as other expert speaker views such as Marvin Speh from RoomPriceGenie, Niels Mekenkamp from Cendyn, Sara Antoszewicz from Net Affinity and Neville Isaac from BEONx.

Definitely worth watching!

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