Userguest is pleased to announce the start of a new collaboration with Ostelea Rabat School of Management in Tourism and Hospitality.

On September 29th, Userguest signed a partnership agreement with Ostelea Rabat Tourism Management School in order to combine their efforts and expertise in empowering hotels with improved technology and qualified human resources, all with the purpose of improving hotels’ performance.

Ostelea Rabat Tourism Management School will benefit from Userguest’s wide range of expertise, as well as its team’s 10+ years of experience in hospitality, technology, data, and marketing. In return, Userguest will gain significant visibility and access to human resources through Ostelea Rabat’s network.

Assil Bernossi, Userguest’s co-founder and CEO, stated “we live in an era in which digitalization has become indispensable, and this equally applies to the hospitality industry, which needs to leverage technology and data to boost its overall online performance and to earn more revenue through this vital channel.”


Founded in 2018 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Userguest combines innovative technology, marketing expertise, and sales techniques in order to offer a smart, high-performance tool dedicated to hotels to boost their online performance and revenue.

Ostelea Rabat

Ostelea Rabat’s Tourism Management School forms parts of Planeta Formación y Universidades (PFU), one of the largest international networks of educational institutions in the world. It boasts three campuses, one in Madrid, one in Barcelona, and another in Rabat, Morocco. Ostelea issues degrees in partnership with EAE Business School, the second-largest business school in Spain.