Userguest is thrilled to announce its integration with Mews. 

The seamless integration between Userguest and Mews allows hotels to optimize performance by linking their PMS data with our marketing automation initiatives.

What does this mean for our clients?

Userguest helps hotels drive more users from the website to the booking engine via a series of personalized offers and incentives. Through the Mews integration, Userguest automates the process of picking up the offers live on the PMS and matching them with the users booking intentions. 

At the same time, Userguest can optimize the hotel’s occupancy in real-time by matching the users booking intent with the hotel’s inventory priorities. 

The outcome: 

Automated Strategies – Mews customers can expect a high level of website marketing automation, allowing revenue and marketing teams to implement the right strategies on their website without manual work.  

Inventory Optimization –  Userguest maximizes occupancy via the Mews integration, automatically identifying revenue opportunities and pushing the right incentive to impact yield by redirecting traffic to the dates that are most profitable for the hotel.

Improved User Experience – Our tool provides a higher level of personalization to users on the hotel website. We deliver the right message to the right user, in the right market. 

Higher Conversion Rates – Userguest applies offers and incentives based on real-time data, resulting in fewer drop-offs and an increase in direct booking conversions. 

Customization – The tool is set up based on each hotel’s objectives, allowing for full control of their revenue and marketing initiatives. Once set up, the automation drive results and saves more time.

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