Email marketing is your hotel’s secret weapon in the quest for more direct bookings—a powerful tool to connect with guests, drive reservations, and build lasting relationships.

But how do you cut through the online noise and captivate potential guests?

Let’s explore the email marketing best practices and how Useguest’s visitor capture feature can boost your hotel’s marketing efforts and skyrocket your bookings!

Email Marketing Best Practices

Email marketing is not just about sending newsletters or promotional offers. It’s about creating personalised, engaging experiences that resonate with potential guests and keep your hotel top of mind.

To maximise the benefits of email marketing, start by segmenting your audience based on demographics, booking history, and preferences. This allows you to create highly targeted messages that resonate more deeply with each segment, leading to better engagement and results.

Personalising your content is crucial; use first-party data to address guests by their names, reference their past stays, and tailor offers to their specific interests and needs. Automating your email campaigns can significantly enhance your marketing efforts.

Set up automated sequences for different stages of the guest journey, such as welcome emails for new subscribers, pre-arrival information to build anticipation, and post-stay follow-ups to encourage repeat bookings and gather feedback.

Finally, regularly analyse your email performance metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversions. Use these insights to refine your strategies and optimise your campaigns for maximum impact, ensuring your email marketing efforts continuously improve and deliver better results.

Capturing First-Party Data: The Foundation of Effective Email Marketing

First-party data is the information you collect directly from your guests, including email addresses, phone numbers, booking preferences, and more. Capturing this data accurately and efficiently is crucial for creating personalised and impactful email campaigns. Userguest makes this process seamless with the Visitor Capture Notification.

Userguest’s visitor capture feature is a game-changer for hotels looking to boost their direct bookings. By displaying eye-catching welcome pop-ups or timely exit pop-ups, it gives hotels the perfect opportunity to collect valuable email addresses from potential guests. This seamless integration allows you to grow your email list effortlessly.

Plus, with full integration with Mailchimp, all collected emails can be automatically synced, enabling you to launch targeted email campaigns with ease. This combination ensures that your marketing efforts are not only effective but also highly efficient, driving more direct bookings and fostering lasting guest relationships.

How It Works: The Magic of Integration

By enabling the Visitor Capture Notification, every email and phone number from new subscribers will be automatically sent to your hotel’s Mailchimp list.

That’s right—no more manual data entry, no more missed opportunities. It’s as simple as logging into your Mailchimp account via the new ‘Integrations’ section in the Dashboard Settings screen. One click, and you’re connected. Easy peasy!

This integration simplifies lead management, letting you focus on what you do best: creating compelling email campaigns. With your new subscribers seamlessly flowing into Mailchimp, you can set up automated email campaigns that engage potential guests at just the right moment. Welcome emails, special offers, personalised follow-ups—you name it. The power of targeted communication is now at your fingertips, and it’s never been easier to turn interest into action.

Join the Success Story

Hotels around the world are already experiencing the benefits of Userguest’s visitor capture notification and the new Mailchimp integration.

Don’t let your competitors steal the spotlight. Enable the visitor capture feature and give your hotel the marketing boost it deserves. After all, in the world of hospitality, it’s the little details that make all the difference.

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